Combining Art & Luxury


My  Story

There’s something very fulfilling about creating with our own hands, Be it a garment you’ve tailored, a picture you’ve painted, or a cake you’ve baked.

It’s a contentment that comes from the deepest, most basic level of yourself.

A few years ago, as a mother and homemaker, I found all my energies devoted towards managing my home and raising my young family. 

The part of me that found beauty in nature, the part of me that loved art with a passion, the part of me that wanted to bring grace and elegance into the world was fading away.

That was when pottery found me.As soon as I started pottery I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Through pottery I started finding back the creative parts of me that was getting lost in the madness of day to day routine.

 Pottery gave me a profound sense of calm and immense satisfaction.

Handbuilt products have perfections in their imperfections.

i take inspiration from things that are around me. Lots of natural textures.Simple good looking forms .Pieces that talk for it self.

You will find most of my work has crochet work or lace work. This pays tribute to memories of my childhood where my mum and her sisters knitted and made lovely clothes with laces got from their travels.


After doing pottery i have started to respect other peoples passion. My work is art but it is also functional. I have taken alot of time and effort to make it keeping in mind aesthetic and functionality.It may not look good to some, but for some it is totally cool. Looks are very relative. I have seen people have loved some of my not so good creations with the most gaudy colours. So i cannot please everyone but myself.

Like clay, i can shape my life,it may not be as planned but i will always end up with something beautiful.