Fine Ceramic textured vase 

There’s something very fulfilling about creating with our own hands, Be it a garment you’ve tailored, a picture you’ve painted, or a cake you’ve baked.

Know My Work 

Your home is a reflection of your soul. Having a beautiful space around you not only makes your home physically appealing but also gives peace and calm to the people living in it. What you surround yourself with, will  affect your mood and  your behaviour.

Each piece here is handcrafted with thought,  care and great love.

Bowl & Plate  Summer Set

Decorate your Table with Clay 

Find that beautiful piece to complete your table setting

Celebrate with Clay 

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Happy Clients 


Excellent is the only word that can describe your work maria. I am really so happy and the result products was far more better then expected

- Rakib Hasan


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