Imperfectly Perfect Pottery.

Handmade with love by Dubai based potter  Maria Zaveri

My Story

There’s something very fulfilling about creating with our own hands, Be it a garment you’ve tailored, a picture you’ve painted, or a cake you’ve baked.

It’s a contentment that comes from the deepest, most basic level of yourself.

A few years ago, as a mother and homemaker, I found all my energies devoted towards managing my home and raising my young family. 

The part of me that found beauty in nature, the part of me that loved art with a passion, the part of me that wanted to bring grace and elegance into the world was fading away.

That was when pottery found me.As soon as I started pottery I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Through pottery I started finding back the creative parts of me that was getting lost in the madness of day to day routine.

 Pottery gave me a profound sense of calm and immense satisfaction.

Photo By : BX Studio

Illuminating tealight candle holders 

Add a touch of glamour and art into your home with these beautifully crafted candlestands

Clay on your Table and with your Meals.

Decorate your Table with Clay 

A coffee mug you hold for warmth or a mason jar that reminds you of your grandmothers pickle. 

Bloom in mini
planter pots

When you want to bring nature into your home, there are so many beautiful ways to do it.

Our sophisticated collection of unique indoors and outdoors planters will soothe your eyes along with the greens

Clay in your home 

What is the scene you want your Home to portray Let these handmade Pieces add the perfect touch to your home

a breathtaking oval platter for serving those special guests or a simple bowl for everyday soup.

Find that beautiful piece to complete your table setting

Gift Pieces

Aroma Plates

Choosing the right gift is never an easy task.

It is only natural you want to take only those things that can bring smiles and happiness into the lives of our loved ones.Whether it`s for a close friend or your grandparents the gift should be thoughtful and filled with substance . 

We have a unique collection of purely handmade items that is sure to strike the right chord with everyone who receives it


What People are Saying

“A Great Art”

My company needed some special gifts for our corporate customer’s. Our HR  gave this idea about your hand made showpiece and it was magical 

David Kent

“Fabulous Collection & flawless service”

“Every time i need some decor for my house. only maria’s clay talks comes to my mind and she has always proved me that I made a right decision”

Sarrah N.

“Another successful experience”

Birthday parties are fun but I wanted my kids and his friends to have fun and learn something along and clay party  idea was pitched to me .

Arzhan Visvarop


Maria your work  has really no words. I am Speechless. Amazing art work  “

Mona Bambani 

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